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Death of Deads - Zombie Hunt


Death of Deads throws you into the apocalyptic of dead zombie shooting where you have no second chance of survival if you get affected from the Ebola virus, which turns you into deadly zombies. Straight vision on the shooter zombie is important to get defeated in this alien shooting modern battle of 2016.The human empire has turned into a dead walking empire, portending the downfall of coc human race. The trigger air is contaminated and dead infected, augmenting the spread of the deadly virus. Reload your guns and weapon-up with Shotgun, Sniper, M1911, AK47, MP5 and even use Melee weapons, sword & knives for a close hand-to-hand combat and deadly war where the blood comes spurting out. Risk in using melee weapons is the exposure to zombie bites as flesh eating zombies can infect humans instantly, but at last, swords need no reloading of ammo. Shotguns & pistols are quick and effective on these eerie ghouls infect zombies that are diverse in sizes, speed, & are as many as stars in the sky. They are ready to infect while being infect their dads and themselves in apocalyptic & track down their enemies for the epicwin & are extremely hostile at night. Though they walk in a seeming state of oblivion, the walking dead will charge with no prior warning & are trigger up for action but are you?The only way left for you is to shoot these walking zombies otherwise this will be the day of dead for you. Your mission is not only to survive but also become shooter zombie the walker zombies with modern weapons and Guns.There is no excuse for stupid mistake in this apocalyptic which may pay with your blood in the zombieland. There is no way to run from hell, trigger a part through the dead zone, kill the alien emperor, rescue agent M and make clear road to reinforcement location or you will join your dead brothers in arms. Be careful with the zombieland around, the walking dead awaits a hero. Human destiny may face to big exodus to find zimride safe land now in your hand.Game Features:- Realistic gun fires and aiming effects.- Addictive wargame- Melee Weapon Attack- Easy and smooth game controls.- Cinematic sound effects.- Amazing visual effects.- Ultimate Zombiesmash- Challenging game levels.This is revolutionary shooter zombie war and world war too. You will make tomorrow and only you can save continents for tomorrow generations by shooting the deads.You have to fight until you have not converted into a death man. You are an American army insurgent marine and last hope of the apocalyptic continents of Bermuda, triumph and you must get your target zombies and give him death. Death is the only solution for these warrior, gorilla, anomaly and Terminator1 zombies. You will save all animals dinosaur, anomaly, police and parkour people. These are black nasty death intel fury civil war dawn. You have to use wisely your sniper in this civil war. You have to win this civil war. You will fight in Bermuda suits and triumph a revolutionary war and win this desert continents boxing war through your patience and hope because you are the black navy American insurgent marine. You should win this civil war fury in Europe, America and in whole continents.
You should show that you are a real rock star and fulfill the hope of patience people and achieve your black target and shoot them all through your sniper parkour and save all the police, deer, military, dinosaur, plane and will think out of nest and when you are out of nest then you can teach them a lesson easily so you are the down and army navy have to triumph, revolutionary war tomorrow and you are the boxer deer and dinosaur hunter you must win this transmission civil war and when you win this transmission all people will come out of its nest and live happily.Get ready to shoot all the zombies and save the humanity from total annihilation!